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Verify Your Account with 1xBet KYC Verification

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How does verification work at 1xBet in India?

How does verification work at 1xBet in India?

You have a great chance to play at the casino and receive fantastic jackpots. Our website suggests numerous payment systems to get your winnings. However, you must complete 1xBet verification to have an opportunity to cash out funds on the virtual platform. Let's read our article and find out about this procedure. 

Verification's main task is to ensure you do not violate the rules of the casino. In particular, players under 21 are not allowed to gamble. If you want to use the documents of your parents or other relatives to create an account, your application will be rejected.

In addition, 1xBet account verification is performed to prevent fraud. According to the gambling rules, you can only create one profile on the website to receive bonuses and start playing. Hence, document confirmation is crucial to prevent casino employees from being deceived. There is one more essential rule players must follow. You will not join live casino players if your relatives are employees of the virtual platform.

How to verify the betting account at 1xBet?

How to verify the betting account at 1xBet?

1xBet document verification is a straightforward procedure. You need to register on the website and indicate your personal information. Then you have to send some documents proving your identity and bank statement to our email address. You can make the 1xBet verification process immediately after registration or complete this action when withdrawing funds from the account.

We will send you a detailed email explaining how you can perform 1xBet account verification without any problems. In this document, you will read all the essential instructions to confirm your data successfully. You may write to our support team via live chat or email if you have questions.

What documents need to be submitted to verify your 1xBet account in India?

What documents need to be submitted to verify your 1xBet account in India?

To complete the verification 1xBet, you must provide photos or scans of your documents. We have compiled a list of those documents that are necessary to confirm your identity:

  • A colour photo of your passport or a notarised copy.
  • National ID (such as a voter's card or driving licence).
  • Documents proving your address (for example, a bank statement or utility bill).

As a rule, 1xBet document verification takes little time and lasts from 1 to 3 days. Moreover, you will need to communicate with an official company representative via video call. This conversation is required to confirm your details and pass the verification successfully.

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Procedure

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Procedure

We have already answered the question, does 1xBet need verification? This process is necessary because our platform must prevent money laundering according to the licence terms. Therefore, we have every right to demand confirmation of the legality of the origin of the money that players deposit. In addition, we must know our customers to prevent fraud. 

After receiving your personal information, we put it in an encrypted format with a unique key that only you will have. It is a guarantee of data protection against fraudsters. You can make various transfers in the system by entering this unique 1xBet verification code.

You may not worry about the distribution of your information provided during 1xBet verification India because we use two modern encryption systems. In particular, we perform daily backups of customer data. Moreover, our platform automatically enables the data recovery option after any system failure.